CCProxy 8.0 Build 20180123 Full Crack Free Download

CCProxy 8.0 Build 20180123 Crack and Serial Key Full Version

CCproxy crack a very useful and reliable application that provides the facility to its users to share your internet connections with other computers that are connected to the network or same network. The application shares the internet connection to the others by creating a proxy server on the system that is connected to the internet. This application simple in use. CCproxy support various broadband connection, for example, optical Fiber, DSL, satellite, ISDN, dial-up, and DDN. This application assists you in building your personal free proxy server. By using this application you can share your internet connection within the local area network simply and effectively. The application proxy server works as a different proxy server for example https, HTTP, FTP, mail, news, talent, and socks. CCproxy is available with different powerful features that are very helpful.

Furthermore, in account management function like bandwidth control, web filtering, content filtering, time control and internet access control. The application also provides many other functions or features for example online access monitoring, bandwidth usage statistics function former web caching and axis logging. The basic purpose to develop the application to share modem connection. But after some time, the application functionality is expending. Nowadays, the application supports a various range of internet connection. The application is also compatible with the various operating system. CCproxy is capable to work efficiently with a different internet connection and also work efficiently with the different operating system.

CCProxy Crack 8.0 Build 20180123 and Keygen for Windows and Mac


CCProxy Crack 8.0 Build 20180123 and Keygen for Windows and Mac

The application allows the user to configure the protocols and the proxy services that are available to the other Local area network systems. The user can check the service and put the port number for related services, for example, HTTP and FTP. These simple settings can be applied to all the system that is connected to the network on the other hand user can also restrict the access to selected users. The benefit of using the proxy server application is to separate the services that are assigned to the specific group of users. So this feature is very useful in terms when you are dealing with big network and your internet connection bandwidth is low, at that time you need to assign bandwidth to selected users. By using CCproxy crack user can filter the websites that are open to a certain user, can have the restriction to the internet.

The option of downloading and uploading then it can have the restriction by entering the maximum value. The identification of a computer occure by MAC address and IP address. The user can also distribute the internet bandwidth with the help of default tool from the window. But CCproxy keygen proxy server provides you better result and control for the distribution of the service among the computers. It is not a very necessary requirement for an individual or home user but in business setup, it is a very useful tool.


Key features

  • This application is a web-based proxy that allows the user to browse web pages, send and receive emails and download files
  • The application provides you better management of bandwidth distribution
  • The time scheduling feature is also available with this application
  • Port mapping support is also there
  • Web filtration facility is also available in this application
  • The internet restriction can fulfill for better management of bandwidth


What’s new?
  • For handling outgoing IP, optimization process is available
  • In this new version, what is fixation regarding delay in loading web page
  • Webchat PC version is not working in older version but in this version, bug is fixation
  • Online/offline registration function also is an addition

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